About Us

Phil’s Story

Phil Pawsey visiting site build

Phil had a traditional training as a mechanical engineering draughtsman, which was followed by practical construction experience as a carpenter and joiner. Almost 20 years ago Phil went back to college and university to achieve a Diploma in Surveying and a Degree in Civil Engineering.  This combination of practical and academic skills leads to practical solutions to the various schemes.

Pawsey Design

Having gained the above experience and academic qualifications there was clearly an opportunity to provide a service to; Architects, the general public, and developers either as a full service or filling the gaps where a particular skill is needed. To this end Pawsey Design Ltd was set up in 2008 and has flourished since then.  The type of work over the years has varied with Building Regulation and construction drawings being the core business. In more recent times the need to provide drainage designs for planning approval has increased and we get involved in many projects such as single houses or farm buildings which others may not be interested in.