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Planning, Building Regulation, Construction Drawings & Specifications.

Drainage solutions for Planning and Constructions. 


We take great pride in the production of accurate detailed drawings. Accurate and comprehensive drawings lead to accurate pricing by contractors.


At all times Phil Pawsey will work with you on a one to one basis, whether it is a full service or just a little input to overcome a specific problem.


Traditional training as a draughtsman, practical experience as a carpenter and joiner, a Diploma in Surveying and a degree in Civil Engineering along with nearly twenty years experience drawing construction projects.

A few things we’re great at

We take pride in providing a full service or a part service which fits the needs of the Client to achieve their dream. This can be stand alone or working as part of a team with Architects, Engineers and Surveyors as required.


We have an extensive knowledge and experience in producing drawings for Building Regulation approval in both domestic and commercial situations.


“A picture paints a thousand words”. Building Regulation drawings ensure compliance with the regulations but can be produced with minimal detail. Our detailed drawings provide clarity for the builder during construction.


This can be for foul or storm water or both. We can oversee percolation tests and provide cost effective designs to satisfy planning and construction needs.


We produce sympathetic schemes for; new builds, extensions, and the unusual! We work on domestic and commercial schemes at times working with Architects.


Woolcombe Farm

Following on from an Architect who acheived the planning approval we worked with a very experienced Developer and team of builders. 

Working with the team we took on board their preffered methods where we could and liaised with the Structural Engineers as well as the Approved Building Inspector to provide detailed drawings only in the areas required.

Finally the drawings were used in the selling process and to complete our involvement we produced the land registry drawing. 


Don’t take our word for it  –

We have appreciated Philip’s supervision of this project through to completion. Arriving on motorbike with cheerful smile, he dealt diligently with technical design and his reasoning and way of explaining it made him popular with the tradesmen who had to carry it out. Looking forward to working together on the next one in a couple of months’ time

Jonathan Mathys


Phil has a broad range of expertise combined with a very thoughtful approach to detail design; he ensures his client is involved in all the important steps in a project. Highly recommended.

Richard Tudor

Private Client

We have worked with Phil Pawsey – Pawsey Design on many of our projects, both commercial and residential, over the past ten years and he has been absolutely instrumental in ensuring the works are designed and executed to the highest standards. It has been a joy having his professional expertise and experience as part if our team. 

Brian Lavendar

Oakley Developments Ltd

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