Drainage Schemes


Drainage designs can be for foul or storm water or both. Increasingly, due to climate change the planners require a design either with an application or as a condition to be discharged prior to commencing works. We can oversee percolation tests and provide cost effective designs to satisfy their needs.

We can then develop these designs for construction if required. As always we are happy to provide a complete service or to just do the elements of the process you need us to do, leaving you and your Architect to work towards the final solution.  The scope of this work is expanding with such as the storage of “dirty water” being controlled in agricultural schemes.


Planning Applications

We produce sympathetic schemes for; new builds, extensions, and the unusual! We work on domestic and commercial schemes at times working with Architects providing the CAD drawings where they are accustomed to working in traditional pencil on paper.

Building Regulations

We have an extensive knowledge and experience in producing drawings for Building Regulation approval in both domestic and commercial situations.  We work with either the local authority Building Inspectors or Approved Inspectors to overcome the technical compliance of projects. Sometimes this will be on projects where we have achieved the planning approval or we can take over when your Architect has designed your dream.

Construction Drawings

“A picture paints a thousand words”. Building Regulation drawings ensure compliance with the regulations but can be produced with minimal detail. We pride ourselves in producing detailed drawings for building Regulation approval which include adequate detail at a sensible scale to enable accurate pricing and provide clarity for the builder during construction.

Planning drawingBuilding Regulations DrawingConstruction drawing